Ruby * Rails * Javascript * Jquery * Drawingboard.js * CSS3 * HTML5 * RSpec

A Mental Health app that uses drawing and writing as modes of escape and thought processing. I wanted to provide a free resource for people as it really is lacking in the mental healthcare system. I lost two friends in 2013 to Mental Health problems so the topic was really close to my heart.


Ruby * Rails * Javascript * Jquery * CSS3 * HTML * Foursquare API

It can be pretty difficult to make decisions the morning after a late night. Brunchover does the work for you and only shows you the top 10 places near your search location. We display how many users are checked in on Foursquare so you can avoid the places with the long waiting lists and and enjoy your Brunchover. Need more info a spot? Just click the name to learn more.

Lucky Pots - Front-End Redesign

Javascript * Jquery * CSS3 * HTML * Instagram API * Ruby on Rails

Project from General Assembly's Front End Web Design Course.

Get Lucky Pots

Ruby * Sinatra * Javascript * Jquery * CSS3 * HTML * Instagram API
Project with Ykatesque

Get LuckyPots started simply as a one night class assignment to make a potluck manager and now has grown to become a themed project that unites the love of casual food gatherings (potlucks) and dating (getting lucky) to form Get LuckyPots. This project was co-created and coded through all steps with Ykatesque. It was first done using Sinatra and will later be moved in Rails.